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Famous Crypto Investor, Tim Draper Joins Makesense Labs As a Board Of Directors

Famous crypto investor and VC Tim Draper have joined MakeSense Labs an EOS based DApp firm. On 9th September in a news announcement he said, he is thrilled to join the firm. The Sense. Chat improves the connectivity among the people with its payment and messaging options.

In 2014 he made the headline with his investment in the crypto industry. He obtained 30,000 Bitcoins from a government sale and also invested in exchanges like Coinbase and ledger. In the same year, he predicted bitcoin would have an upsurge in price to about $10,000.

He also invested in some of the prominent IT companies Hotmail, Twitch, Baidu, Skype, and Tesla.

CTO of Sense. Chat, Ben Sigman said they are excited to have Tim in their team for support and advice. He is a massive and essential figure in the field of technology and blockchain. He further said his creative, supportive, and passionate nature would help in the leadership.

He also got added in Worth Magazine’s list of most influential people in finance. According to Forbes, he is an affluent person in the crypto world. Always One ranked him as number 1 most interacted venture capitalist.

He is among the early investor of the parent company of Sense Chat Labs, Sensay Inc. he supported the company’s vision to create better human connectivity. John Schenk, the CFO of Sense. Chat said he is the most respected VC of Silicon Valley and a significant advocate of blockchain technology.

EOS account of Sense. Chat allows messaging and sending funds to anyone on the mobile without any need of their mobile number or email address. The public key encryption keeps the messaging secure.

Draper passed out from Stanford University with an Electrical Engineering degree and has accomplished his Master of Business Administration from Harvard University in 1984. He established Draper University in 2013 and serves as headmaster there.

This year Sense Chat Labs launched Sense. Chat the decentralized version of chat and video messenger. The app can be downloaded on Apple iOS and   Android. The app uses advanced cryptography along with EOS blockchain to send the messages.

Last April, Draper was preparing to see Social media leader Facebook to invest in Libra.

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