Energy Web Announces the Release Update For DOS Technology Stack

Energy Web Releases Update For DOS Technology Stack

The Energy Web (EW) releases a set of supporting newsletters that talk about the growth of the core-technology stack, the Energy Web Decentralized Operating System (EW-DOS). There are two versions developed for both general and technical viewers. The papers exemplify how blockchain technology is already getting implemented to speed up the transitions in the low-carbon systems globally. 

Talking about Energy Web, Micha Roon, the CTO of Energy Web quoted,

Micha Roon said

The developed EW-DOS architecture and new planned use of the Energy Web Token (EWT) are designed to complement the regulatory and operational requirements of the participants of the energy market. In a span of six months, EW has come up with many successful global partnerships. The Australian Power Grid is currently using the EW-DOS to amalgamate whole markets with small-scale customers. Not just that, PTT is making use of EW-DOS to launch the gen-next marketplace in Southeast Asia. EW-DOS is used by sonnen to provide support for power plants based in Germany. Along with this, Share&Charge is making use of EW-DOS to form an open e-mobility platform. 

EW-DOS was launched in December 2019, which was built on detailed businesses and technical requirements from the members of the EW Community. EW-DOS is a stack of decentralized technology with tools that are created and operated by the global energy market participants.