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Blockchain Cutie Becomes First Game To Launch On The Matic Mainnet

Serving as a robust system for instant blockchain transactions, the Matic Network has announced the inclusion of a collectible crypto game, Blockchain Cutie, to its mainnet. The onboarding of the crypto game on the Matic blockchain will aid the latter in reaping the benefits of a high-performance and economical, infrastructural solution.

The Matic Network took to its Twitter handle to share the blog post’s link released by the Blockchain Cuties team. The post read:

As per the report, Blockchain Cuties adopted the Matic blockchain to enrich the customers with a simplified and secured ecosystem. The team is confident that the Matic network can play a significant role in popularizing the crypto gaming industry, which is suffering due to several technical limitations. Matic has been designed to cater to the complexities of the Ethereum system while valuing its core values.

Read the post,

If you play on Matic, you will no longer have to pay exuberant gas prices and endure endless wait times.

By launching Blockchain Cuties on the Matic platform, the team is looking forward to providing a more user-friendly interface to the customers while ensuring cost efficiencies and speed. The two entities will work to encourage the mass adoption of crypto gaming by making it accessible to one and all with utmost convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Blockchain Cuties is one of the first games to be hitting the Matic network post its mainnet launch some time back. Both teams are anxious to provide all sorts of rewarding opportunities to their customer communities in the near future. Some interesting instances to look forward to in the coming months include:

  • Giveaways both from Matic and Blockchain Cuties
  • Matic exclusive Cuties
  • Blockchain Cuties’ markets running on Matic

The team is keen to explore the excellence of the wide range of features offered by the Matic blockchain, including its big scalability, high-end security, ability to support multiple public sidechains with ease, friendly user experience, and many others.

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