Cryptowerk Partners With Connecting Software to Use Blockchain for CRM Data Protection

Cryptowerk and Connecting Software Partner to Protect CRM Data with Blockchain

Connecting Software, which provides software solutions for improving integration, synchronization, and productivity and Cryptowerk, a blockchain-based data integrity firm have teamed up to release today a product add-on that can run on multiple business applications including CRM systems; the “Smart Stamp Document Sealing” with Blockchain Technology.

Users will not need to make changes in their work environment to enable this add-on as it will work in the background of all system operations and processes. This data integrity solution uses tamper-proof stamps based on blockchain technology that the user can apply with one click to seal documents.

Connecting Software’s CEO, Thomas Berndorfer, praised blockchain technology and said,

“With our solution, this amazing technology can be used by companies, the public sector and industrial producers for their daily needs, proving data compliance and authenticity. We are happy that we have found Cryptowerk, a blockchain expert, who enabled us to leverage this technology for solving current business challenges.”

Cryptowerk’s CEO, Co-founder & Chairman of the Board, Dirk Kanngiesser, said,

“We are excited to partner up with Connecting Software, who specializes in integration solutions, and can bring our trust layer based on blockchain technology into almost every business software.”

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