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Circle’s CCTP goes live on mainnet with Hyperlane

Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) by Circle is now operational on the mainnet. Hyperlane, the company with which Circle has an exclusive partnership, actively participated in making this possible. Circle initially delivered the CCTP in order to provide developers with the assistance required to create uninterrupted user exposure. Regarding CCTP, it enables USDC to teleport via blockchains with the aid of a programmatic burn-and-mint procedure.

Hyperlane has its eyes on the creation of interoperability-related solutions for making provision for developers to be able to carry out improvisations on interchain user exposure. The incorporation of Hyperlane with CCTP will provide the opportunity for developers to be able to create USDC exposures straight within their applications and simultaneously introduce a smooth UX for users. 

Where the CCTP is concerned, Hyperlane has worked on its enhancement by adding further features. One of them is permissionless interoperability, a landmark feature allowing users to position the Hyperlane interoperability stack out-of-the-box on any chain and connect with the advantages of interchain operability. At the present moment in time, and with the incorporation of CCTP, it will be possible for users to take USDC further. Then there is the modular security feature, which boosts user exposure by making it possible for developers of CCTP to stack more security layers and do away with threats. Hyperlane’s APIs and SDK help smooth out the interchain developer’s exposure in relation to Circle’s CCTP. 

Hyperlane is the initial permissionless interoperability layer that enables users to move the Hyperlane interoperability framework to any blockchain at any time. With the assistance of Hyperlane, developers can construct interchain applications and serve users on virtually any linked chain. In addition, Hyperlane’s modular security feature enables developers to tailor interchain security concerns. In addition, developers can mix, match, and stake security systems as well as create their own. Hyperlane development is open source and is maintained by Abacus Works’s specialist developers.

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