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Chaintope To Launch Pilot Project For Certificate Generation Using Blockchain Technology

A leading name in the blockchain sector, Chaintope Inc., has joined hands with HAW International Inc. to initiate a pilot project that will lay the foundation of a service enabling users to avail the certificates issued by Iizuka City in Fukuoka Prefecture in an electronic form. These certificates shall be easily accessible on smartphones of the users at their will.

The application process is likely to start in December. The pilot project will include all registered residents of Iizuka City, business entities based in the suburbs of Iizuka City of Fukuoka Prefecture, firms, and universities that provide necessary services to the local people of the city.

As per the official blog post, multiple certificates will be furbished to the people in an electronic mode by utilizing the blockchain technology of Chaintope. The advanced pilot project will launch the ‘Trust Service,’ a solution designed for checking the reliability and accuracy of the stored electronic data. The system will be designed along with Gcom Holdings, a resident information system provider native to the region.

The residents of Iizuka City willing to get electronically generated certificates will have to make applications to the Trust Service portal. The person’s certificates showing his status and qualifications shall be stored on a cloud server solution through resident information network, thus ensuring high-end security and reliability. One can download the certificates on their smartphones anytime and anywhere they need to give proof of their required status. 

The receiver can check the authenticity of the certificate through the Trust Service. The module stores data electronically with a signature of Iizuka City, the issuer, on the summary of the certificate along with the date and time of certificate delivery. Chaintope’s blockchain Tapyrus will make this timestamped information accessible over the Internet for later usage.

The firm stated that various municipalities and businesses could operate the Trust Service after the demonstration project. The initiative will be open as a social experiment in 2021 from January to March. The pilot project will also facilitate the distribution of electronic certificates issued by the city in equivalence to paper certificates issued presently.

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