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Cask Protocol releases Chainlink Top-Ups for VRF/Automation Balance

Cask Protocol has just successfully delivered its Chainlink Top-ups. This happens to be a new Web3 money flow automation concerning smoothing the upkeep of the VRF/Automation Balances. 

The entity is proud to make an official announcement regarding the matter and note that it is presently available. This newly implemented Chainlink Top-ups flow is to monitor a project’s LINK balance when connected to an approved Chainlink service. However, as soon as the balance falls below a limit that the user has set, Cask will begin to switch to LINK. After that, this will be added to the Chainlink service. One has the advantage that this plays a crucial role in matters of extending ease, safety, and dependability.

Chainlink Automation aids in the assurance of decentralized execution in topics of consideration. It also assists in offering additional project-related capabilities. In addition to this, there are safety and security concerns. It is entirely tamper-resistant. In addition, it was designed with the convenience of builders and developers in mind. It is incredibly user-friendly, allowing them to execute time-sensitive automation tasks in a few seconds.

The Chainlink VRF, on the other hand, happens to be an authenticated random number generator (RNG), which allows smart contracts to gain the availability of random values along with a cryptographic verification of the way in which the values were arrived at. This ensures that the VRF results can’t be manipulated in any way. In the case of Chainlink, it has two options to access randomness. They are primarily accomplished through direct funding and subscription.Both of these options also happen to have the backing of Cask for top-ups.

Chainlink Top-ups work by establishing a financial source. After completing that step, the automation or VRF-related information must be entered. The next step is to decide on a minimum LINK balance and a top-up amount. But after that, Cask is responsible for carrying out the duty of keeping track of the LINK balance on-chain. Also to be taken into consideration is automating Chainlink Top-ups through the use of Cask. The main reason is that it makes the user’s life incredibly easy. 

It helps to save money by only purchasing LINK when its services are required. Also of significance are dependability and security. Cask also supports you with regards to Avalanche, Arbitrm, and Polygon top-ups. Similarly, there are different sources of funding.

Chainlink is the Web3 services platform for industry measures responsible for trillions of dollars worth of DeFi transaction volume. In addition, it enables the creation of Web 3 applications with advanced features that can quickly connect to real-time data and execute off-chain processing on any blockchain. Cask Protocol, on the other hand, is a decentralized, non-custodial protocol meant to enhance Web3 money flow automation.

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