CasinoFair Rejuvenates Its Brand With All Pomp and Show

CasinoFair Rejuvenates Its Brand

The Supreme blockchain casino, CasinoFair, has reportedly undergone a crucial rebranding phase in coexistence with an update for its user interface.

After a year, since the decentralized casino started its operations, the rebrand gives a new logo as well as an aesthetic that is rooted within a broader user experience. They have added gameplay, advertising, and future characteristics that are yet to be launched into the rebranding.

CasinoFair’s rebranding has been attributed to prompt player response and behavior. A considerable difference is, however, found between the traditional gaming user nature and their needs.

With young millennials as their predominant user base, the logo that is refurbished aligns more with the creative blockchain segment and alienates the traditional and contemporary imagery associated with conventional gaming companies and land-based games earlier.

The rebrand, “Player Power,” is anticipated to lend the player, supreme control of their game. With assured Fair technology, quick payouts, and complete supervision of funds, it will give the players the honor and respect they need.

The additional principle addition of the Casino, “Unrivalled Fun,” will be providing the nicest services in blockchain games rolling out exceptional gaming experiences with never seen or played before games. This will be accompanied by innovative advertisements and powerful community interaction that will make winning feel unusual and outstanding.

With a new palette of colors on the platform, it now features bright tones and subtle pastels, bringing the CasinoFair to complete resurrection. This also adds more fun elements contributing to vibrant experiences in Casinos.

Lloyd Purser, MD at CasinoFair, said: “CasinoFair has led the way in delivering premium blockchain experiences since its launch one year ago, and to build on this momentum we have listened to our players and delivered a rebrand that will serve this new generation of a player far better.”

The new logo, colourway, and values of ‘Unrivalled Fun’ and ‘Player Power’ have all been implemented to appeal to a player who wants more from their casino experiences and see blockchain technology, and the fairness and innovation it brings, as the solution.”

CasinoFair also launched its new wallet recently. The wallet is backed up by FunFair Technologies. This facilitates the sign-up and sponsoring journey considerably, expanding the advantages of blockchain gaming to the entire market of users in the creative sector, both internally and externally.

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