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Blockdegree Accepts Payment in XDC and XDCe and Perform Auto-burn Fraction of Coins

Blockdegree, which offers courses in blockchain and cryptocurrency and runs on the XinFin network, has started accepting payments in XinFin’s native currency XDC and its ERC20 token XDCe. It will burn 20% of tokens deposited for courses.

Coin burning means taking digital coins out of circulation. It is done to ensure a balance between demand and supply of a coin to protect its value.

Blockdegree will send a part of the tokens deposited to a predefined inaccessible account. The burning will ensure that there is not a flight of XDC and XDCe from XinFin. By burning a part of the enrollment fees, Blockdegree assures that the value of XDC and XDCe is preserved on XinFin.

To pay in XDC and XDCe, users will need to install a browser wallet extension. Metamask is preferred for XDCe, and for XDC XinPay is most popular.

After setting up their account, users will have to ensure sufficient balance in their wallet. Then, they have to go to the Blockdegree site and click on the Enroll tab. Different courses available on the site, along with their prices, will appear. When users click on “Enroll” for a particular course, various payment options will appear. Here users can choose to pay in XDC or XDCe. Users can track their transactions and status of their courses by clicking on the “Profile” tab.

At present, Blockdegree is offering free courses but takes $9.9 as an initial fee for taking an exam and issuing a certificate. For obtaining a certificate, a candidate has to score 60% or more marks in the exam. Maximum 3 attempts are allowed per payment.

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