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Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to Power the Field of Robotics

We are witnessing a number of applications where the blockchain and artificial intelligence have come together to provide a significant increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes. Some of the worth mentioning examples include cryptocurrencies, chatbots, or fledgling segment of voice-assisted technologies. As we set to ride another way of technology, one of the most promising areas where blockchain technology and artificial intelligence can come together to yield massive in the field of robotics.

What is Robotics?

As the name suggests, Robotics uses fully automatic or semi-automatic robots to carry out work processes. It is widely considered a very useful technique in order to up efficiency and replaces human intervention for more accurate results. The field of Robotics is challenging and in order to grow the segment, companies need to offer reliable solutions to the clients and customers.

There is a growing awareness in the robotics Industries that the use of blockchain and artificial intelligence can be of immense help. While artificial intelligence will make the processes more effective and error-free, blockchain technology will help to keep the data decentralized and free from any centralized control. By combining the decentralized feature of blockchain with artificial intelligence, the field of robotics can be benefited in a number of ways.

Performance and operating capabilities of Robots is the primary area where the benefits can be reaped enormously. The artificial intelligence features will multi-fold efficiency by automating processes, while data immutability offered by blockchain will make the process tamper-proof. Applying these technologies simultaneously to the robotics, the operating mechanism can be pre-set to achieve the desired objectives.

Swarm Robotics: How can it be benefitted?

The significance of blockchain and artificial intelligence is more prominent in the case of Swarm Robotics. This is because both these innovations can be applied collectively in order to control a group of robots. Each and every robot in Swarm Robotics is controlled by AI and operates according to the pre-set principles. The collective behavior and response of the Robots can be significantly enhanced with the application of blockchain and artificial intelligence. This also has huge benefits on scalability as the scope of the operations can be enhanced significantly. We have already started witnessing the application of blockchain and artificial intelligence in Swarm robotics, specifically in the areas related to the medical, entertainment, and farming industry. Although concerns about the safety and security of the features have been expressed by a number of stakeholders working closely in the industry, there is hardly any negative view about the potential of applications to bring benefits to the industry. The blockchain is a credible measure to allay the concerns of the stakeholders about secrecy and privacy of the data. Using the secure cryptographic signatures and advanced technologies available in the blockchain space, safety and security concerns can be easily handled.


It’s quite natural to have an integration of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology in order to make progress in the field of robotics. While artificial intelligence is going to power the Robots while staying at the forefront of this integration, Blockchain technology will play a more passive role by providing backup support in terms of safety and security of the data. Hence, when applied to the Robotics in an integrated manner, the technology can benefit the industry in a hugely positive manner.

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