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AltLayer simplified the deployment of a rollup with Sovereign SDK

AltLayer has announced that it has officially integrated the Sovereign SDK with the objective of simplifying the deployment of rollup. This is with the idea of supporting the entire infrastructure of AltLayer, which is known for its interoperability and security. Importantly, the integration will boost the blockchain utility in the ecosystem.

The integration, specifically speaking, has happened with the RaaS ecosystem of Altlayer. That stands for Rollups-as-a-Service. Ecosystem. AltLayer and Sovereign SDK undergoing the integration process align with the mission of AltLayer expanding its functions amid the rise in demand for the offering.

It officially brings together two separate elements from both partners:

  • AltLayer brings with it the no-code single-click deployment framework
  • Sovereign brings with it the expressive SDKs

Simply put, one will not have to be an expert at the time of taking their products to the core market. Dr. Amrit Kumar, the Chief Operating Officer of AltLayer, has echoed a similar tone, stating that the offerings have been combined with the integration to make it easier for everyone to scale their products to the market from the desk of developments.

Kumar has also stated that what makes this an ideal partnership is the fact that both ventures are on the same mission of onboarding a massive number of users to the blockchain industry. This can only be achieved if the deployment of rollup has been fueled with convenience or ease.

AltLayer, in the announcement, has said that the team is delighted to have the cutting edge feature of Sovereign SDK in their roster, adding that AltLayer & Sovereign SDK are together venturing on the lands of the internet of rollups. Sovereign is a venture that is backed by some of the best players in the industry. This includes, but is not limited to, 1kx, Haun, EigenLayer, and others. Most of them hail from the section of thinkers, researchers, and builders.

SDKs offer several benefits, making this integration more important. For instance, Sovereign SDK provides a standard interface to facilitate the communication between rollups and data availability layers. Other benefits are integration with cryptographic compilers and the provision of default implementations of common blockchain primitives.

Blockchain primitives largely talk about having bridges, non-fungible tokens, and other digital tokens on the board.

AltLayer chose Sovereign SDK as their preferred partner for their toolkit. It is free and forms a part of the open-source club with the ability to run on any chain. There are three crucial parts to the Sovereign SDK:

  • Rollup Interface
  • Module System
  • Full Node

High promises by Sovereign SDK pertain to offering the option of customization with a hundred percent limit, economic & speedy bridging via proof aggregation, the best performance of sequencer, and portability between different system choices – zk proof, DA Layers, and optimistic/ZK.

The integration of Sovereign SDK by AltLayer follows its collaboration with EigenLayer for Phase III of ALTITUDE.

Moving forward, AltLayer has opened the doors for developers to learn more about Sovereign SDK so that they truly leverage its potential.

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