Blockchain News Network Integrates into Decentr Ecosystem for Interchain Liquidity Network, a highly acclaimed name in the decentralized ecosystem, is all set to expand its cluster into DeFi applications by signing a strategic partnership deal with Decentr, an open-source web3.0 solution, and decentralized web browser.

The aim of this partnership is to integrate the various use cases of the network into Decentr, thereby ensuring interchain liquidity. Nikita Anikeev, CEO at, believes this collaboration is a “win-win” for both platforms.’s CEO Moshe Malwash believes it will help them accomplish their common goal of expanding into the DeFi space. is a secure decentralized network built for DeFi. It aims to provide secure storage and computing to decentralized applications on all blockchain networks. Aleph’s trusted off-chain data and computation protocols would provide a more secure, enhanced, and intuitive web browsing experience to Decentr users. Decentr will also benefit from integrating their cross-chain cloud solution to this powerful data economy platform of Network. 

 Current dapps are generally slow and unreliable because they are tied to a single blockchain architecture that cannot scale up to the required levels for large applications like social media networks, web applications for IoT providers, etc.. intends to solve these issues efficiently by offering both single cross-technologies and cross-chain solutions on a decentralized platform.

Every action on the Decentr platform, like posts, links,  and images, is stored on the Decentr chain via its own storage solution called Cerberus, which has resulted in bloating the chain to its optimum limit. Therefore, Decentr is trying to offset some of these actions to network’s cloud storage solution.’s decentralized solution stack will enable Decentr developers to remove centralized components; the stack will help them with integration, compatibility, and security. Moreover, with’s Interchain Liquidity, Decentr users can access assets of all supported blockchains that can expedite their multichain integration with dWallet Native & ERC20.

This will, in turn, enhance user data value because of increased security while simultaneously allowing Decentr users greater access to data. It will also assure them greater autonomy as to how they can access and use their data via’s storage solution.

Edward Nash

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