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Zilliqa Group to vest their tokens for 2 more years

According to XCAD, the Zilliqa Group, their pre-seed investor, has decided to extend the vesting of their tokens for another 2 years. Zilliqa Group has been backing XCAD Network for quite some time now and completed the XCAD pre-seed in 2021 before the XCAD token was introduced. The extension speaks of lesser inflation of the XCAD token in the upcoming months.

XCAD has long been known to have continued its association with Zilliqa Group. However, there was a troubling period before the present revamping that took place internally. XCAD and Zilliqa are now in a comfortable situation, given their alliance due to the furthering of the vesting period. Having put the past behind, both companies will actively propel the acceptance of the Zilliqa blockchain.

As per the new understanding between the two companies, the Zilliqa Group tokens will continue to be vested until November 2025. The futuristic goal of XCAD and Zilliqa Group being in tandem will ensure the advancement of XCAD in the ecosystem, which has existed for some time. Added to that will be its position in the Zilliqa community.

XCAD and Zilliqa Group will implement a transaction, shifting Zilliqa Group’s XCAD tokens to a fresh claim portal. Following the vesting time, the tokens will undergo unlocking daily for a year. This will take place on December 1.

According to Zilliqa, Xcad is indeed one of the most outstanding projects within Web3, along with the creator economy arena. The company is highly positive about its future in advancing and spreading the business. In addition, XCAD is supporting Zilliqa 2.0, allowing them to contribute to the blockchain community.

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