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XRP Grew by 1.58% Overnight; Resistance Seems Likely at $0.241

The price trend of Ripple cryptocurrency has witnessed a recovery of 1.58% in the last 24 hours. The price is now at 0.2368 USD. However, in this period, the XRP coin has seen huge volatility. The continuation of these price fluctuations may hamper its overall growth in the medium-term.

XRP Price Prediction

Yesterday, the currency opened the day at 0.2331 USD, and over the next 3 hours, the coin got an increment to the extent of 3.60%. At 03:15 UTC, XRP’s value was at 0.2415 USD, the highest for the day but it could not retain its price at this high for long. The currency faced a downward correction of 4.43% that cost 0.0107 USD.

By 19:41 UTC, XRP price touched the rock bottom at 0.2308 USD. However, towards the closing of the day, it started showing strength. Then in the next 5 hours, Ripple’s price could go as high as 0.2382 USD.

Ripple NewsThe current value is at 0.2368 USD, and it is lagging behind its daily moving averages. XRP is likely to maintain this trend in the near-term. As per our prediction and past performance, the coin may touch the next resistance at 0.2411 USD. But, it is unlikely to get out of the ongoing volatility anytime soon.

XRP Resistance and Support Levels
R1 $0.2411
R2 $0.2450
R3 $0.2498
S1 $0.2323
S2 $0.2275
S3 $0.2236

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