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Will EOS End the Bearish Dominance and Make a Recovery in the Near-term?

EOS coin was priced $2.52 on December 16, 2019, but soon due to a massive fall, it dropped to $2.29 with a 9% decline. The currency gradually managed to rise to the level of $2.37 on the same day. Post this, the coin was trading at the same pace. There was no drastic rise or drop recorded. From yesterday, bears gained back a stronghold on EOS as prices further fell from $2.29 to $2.15. Though the trend is a downward one, the coin is indicating signs of a rise.

EOS Price Analysis

EOS Coin NewsThe coin is reflecting an uptrend of 2.16% as compared to yesterday’s value of $2.17. As per the movement, it seems that EOS prices may further rise marginally and reach its immediate resistance of $3.01 soon.

We recommend to hold the existing coins as per the price trend. $2.18 and $2.3 is the range of circulation today. The past two days’ price evaluation of the EOS coin shows the bearish dominance is more prevalent. Short-term trading on the coin will not be fruitful as it is trading in a lower range from the past few weeks.

Paul Jolin

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