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Vega Protocol positioned live on Alpha Mainnet

Vega Protocol has been currently positioned live on the Alpha Mainnet. This will provide the opportunity for users to be able to build as well as carry out trading in derivative markets. All of this will be made available to them minus any gas fees, as well as lesser latency and conventional liquidity incentives. Community validators were responsible for the live positioning. As early as the year 2018, the team involved with the Vega project has been engaged in creating free markets and strengthening the trader community, as well as liquidity suppliers, by delivering a purpose-built appchain and DEX for permissionless derivatives trading, along with the market building. 

Vega, on its part, is the most advanced DEX globally and is the derivative layer for Web3. It is utilized for the backing of various sorts of markets, as well as assets. Where the Alpha Mainnet deliverance is concerned, it is an absolute landmark for the Vega ecosystem. Once active, market makers will be able to carry out activities in a normal fashion, and with the utilization of the present, along with new Vega-oriented methods. They will be able to commit on-chain in the form of LPs to obtain a percentage of trading fees. Through a community vote, $Vega token stakers will be able to build permissionless cash-settled futuristic markets. 

Once the markets go live on Vega, $VEGA token stakes will be in the position of voting for the building of fresh derivatives markets. The traders will begin trading sans gas fees. In the case of Vega market makers, they will be able to offer liquidity to the current markets and make earnings through a certain percentage of the trading fees. Furthermore, the Vega validators will be able to carry on getting delegations from token holders and take part in governance. They will be in the position of earning an amount of the total revenue fee. 

The Vega software, on its own part, will be offering permissionless market building. There will be no gas fees charged to connected traders. There will be a purpose-created blockchain. For users, there will be maximized high capital effectiveness. In the case of capital costs, it will be lowered. There will be the factor of low latency. Users will be provided with conventional liquidity incentives. There will be anti-MEV, as well as anti-front running. 

In the coming days, $VEGA token stakers will be able to suggest fresh markets for positioning through community governance. This will consist of markets such as the ones which carry out trading on the NAV of one’s chosen fund. There will be upcoming markets for unreleased tokens. 

Vega, as an entity, is a conventional derivatives layer. The attached community is carrying out the building of building blocks for the sake of a fresh financial system. This will be something that allows the management of markets, as well as the associated products and fees, to lie in the hands of the community. It is a decentralized network that will be backing the building of derivatives markets for an entire array of crypto assets. 

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