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UNDP collaborates with the Algorand Foundation

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), together with the Algorand Foundation, will be establishing the Algorand Blockchain Academy in 2024. This will be possible through the collaboration formed between the two entities. The purpose behind this is to impart the required training and know-how to the officials of UNDP with regard to Blockchain technology and its implementations. This was officially declared by UNDP’s expert for alternative finance and low-carbon development, Robert Pasicko, during an Algorand Impact Summit in New Delhi.

The academy’s course content will involve recorded lectures, interactive workshops, and practical assignments. All of this will be at the disposal of more than 22,000 UNDP employees in more than 170 countries. Added to that will be the staff of various UN agencies.

According to Pasicko, the aim of setting up the academy is for their staff to receive the required tools to adequately handle the various obstacles internationally through the utilization of Blockchain technology. He believes, via the association with the Algorand Foundation, they will be better equipped to upgrade their skills and lines of expertise.

The main priorities of the program will be financial inclusion as well as supply chain clarity, and real-time asset tokenization. Added to that will be digital identification.

According to Doro Unger-Lee, the Head of Education and Inclusion at the Algorand Foundation, this collaboration with UNDP will improve the entire society. They will gain the opportunity to introduce effective use cases of Blockchain for bringing about sustainable development achievements in various fields.

Furthering the offerings, the Algorand Foundation program will have speakers belonging to the Algorand ecosystem projects, such as HesabPay, Wholechain, Koibanx, and Quantum Temple. The beta initiation will begin in the first quarter of 2024.

The United Nations Development Programme is the UN’s international development network that encourages change. It helps in linking countries with factors such as know-how, exposure, and the required means for aiding people to better their lives. It is known to have more than 20,000 employees and has offices in 170 countries.

The Algorand Foundation is committed to developing the Algorand Blockchain based on calculated monetary source economics, decentralized governance, and a robust and lucrative open-source ecosystem. The design credit goes to Silvio Micali, an MIT professor.

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