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Ubitquity Announces Plans to Advertise FinLedger in 2020 Q4

A leader in blockchain innovations, Ubitquity, has announced that it would be partnering with HW Media and begin promotions in the real estate sector. By partnering with the Dallas-based advertising company, Ubitquity will be running ads of its new brand – FinLedger, in the real estate space.

HW Media is a popular advertising company from Texas and will be partnering with Ubitquity to help the latter gain presence in the real estate marketplace of Wilmington, Delaware. Ubitquity LLC will get recognized for being an enterprise-ready platform with blockchain security for real estate. It will promote ads on how FinLedger is the latest brand to help real estate professionals with title recordkeeping.

FinLedger is Ubitquity’s strategic sponsorship with HW Media to boost its advertising campaign in the fourth quarter of 2020. With the growing integrations of technology in the real estate domain, the prop-tech industry is booming in 2020. Real estate businesses are identifying the value of technologies such as distributed ledger and blockchain.

According to the CEO and Founder of Ubitquity, Nathan Wosnack, the blockchain leader is discovering ways to bring worth FinLedger and help real estate developers track their business journey. Currently, Ubitquity has multiple blockchain-based services and tools available for users on its platform. These tools can be integrated successfully in real estate industrial verticals, particularly for supporting title closing, escrow, and title abstracting operations. The Ubitquity platform also supports the paper, digital, and hybrid notary support for real estate development agreements. It enables developers with smart contract management and further offers secure document management.

With HW Media, Ubitquity will launch FinLedger and provide real estate professionals with financial services and fintech benefits. It will innovate new ways to grow the real estate business by building a digital framework for clients. The CEO of HW Media, Clayton Collins,  is focusing on making his ad company strive to gain client partnerships and brand sponsorships. By sharing the vision of dedicated innovation with Ubitquity, HW Media is aiming to make FinLedger the next big thing in the financial sector. In 2020, Ubitquity continues with its dynamic resilience in the prop-tech space by helping the market realize the value of adopting blockchain technology.

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