Things You Need to Know Before Starting on Esports Betting

Sports betting is an age-old tradition enjoyed and loved by one and all. It has come to a long evolutionary road and has taken many new forms and explored new possibilities with the age of the internet. Today esports betting has become a popular way for the betting lovers to play sitting in the comfort of home.

The betting sites today are so fully functional that they serve the same purpose with much ease as the traditional bookmakers do. We also have so many betting options to choose from, different choices of wagers, forms of betting, etc. We can bet over almost any sport in the world, such as video gaming.

Treat this article as a full-fledged guide to esports betting. In case you are new to esports betting, this is your chance.

The inception of esports betting

The early activities of esports betting were done inside the community of video gaming. There were no other choices as the bookmakers, as well as the betting sites, were not yet influenced by competitive video gaming, so all the wagers were done privately in an informal manner. People, although, had to depend on the honesty and integrity of the people they were betting with, and they were never assured of the action they desired.

Then the attention of the betting stalwarts shifted towards esports. Pinnacle was among the initial sites to get indulged in esports. They began offering betting markets for esports in 2010, while other sites joined the fad thereafter. Through early 2017, Pinnacle declared winning of 5 million wagers for esports. Hence started the craze that is now expected to live for centuries to come.

Forms of Esports Betting

So now, after you know the brief history of esports and video gaming through the years, another important step is to know different kinds of esports betting.

Here are some:

  • Social betting
  • Challenge betting
  • Real money betting
  • Skin & item betting
  • Fantasy esports

Social betting is typically a private wagering method with people, and it’s definitely not a good idea. Betting with strangers can turn out to be a bad engagement costing you a hell of money.

Challenge betting is preferred by some extremely skilled gamers. The idea is for you to compete directly with gamers at a mutually agreed stake. These stakes are arranged informally, but they can also be managed with a challenge site like WorldGaming.

Real money esports betting is also commonly known as fixed-odds esports betting, is the easiest and most fun way to earn bucks from esports betting. It only requires a little knowledge of traditional sports for you to start with.

Fixed odds esports betting is quite similar to sports betting on fixed-odds sports betting. You just have to place wagers over the esports outcomes instead of the results of other sports.

Skin/item betting and fantasy esports are also popular, but you need first to learn how they operate. It can be so much fun, as they offer real potential for earning money.

You can definitely try all of these options, but it is wise as a beginner to stick to one for the starters.

Where to bet on esports?

Fantasy sports betting is only possible online, and not many sites offer it. Amongst the major fantasy sites, DraftKings is the only one with esports. Skin, as well as item betting, is also possible only online. Sites for these games are not yet licensed or regulated properly.

There are many options for real money sports betting. In countries like the United Kingdom, there is an option to place wagers in bookmaking shops legitly. The sportsbooks in casinos across Las Vegas also accept wagers on exports. This happened since sports betting was legalized in Nevada.

Best Esports Betting Sites

If you have previously been involved with sports betting, the best way is to bet on games that you know the most about. Some sites offer real-time information on sports and esports betting, so you can go gambling geared up for winning.

It will put you in a position to win while making you real money. Here are some popular sports betting sites that we recommend:

Bet365, Betway Esports, Betfair, Unibet, GG.BET, 888sport, Pinnacle, 22Bet, Arcanebet, are the sites that are preferred by people and we recommend them too.

In case you’re fairly new in sports betting, then you probably do not know much about these games. In such a case, focus on some popular games for the beginning.

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