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The Core Bridge powered by LayerZero is live now

Last January, Core announced its merger with LayerZero, an omnichain interoperability protocol by LayerZero Labs. This integration has enabled Core to link with other blockchains seamlessly, securely, and conveniently. Interoperability is a critical feature of blockchain technology, enabling communication, information sharing, and truth acceptance in a trustworthy manner. 

LayerZero’s structure offers scalability, security, and decentralized cross-chain interoperability, bringing multiple chains onto a single platform for multi-chain applications to communicate and carry out transfers of digital assets effectively. LayerZero addresses the two significant problems of bridge designs, which caused security failures and limited interoperability. Bryan Pellegrino, CEO of LayerZero Labs, expects this partnership to enhance Core’s interoperability and empower the connected community to create better solutions. Core has developed a conventional bridge with LayerZero’s boost to improve the overall user experience.

The rise of DeFi on Core has been notable. The news regarding the integration of Core DAO with Layer Zero unveiled unparalleled opportunities for developers through its omnichain interoperability protocol. Additionally, introducing the Core Bridge powered by LayerZero highlights the platform’s innovative approach to facilitating seamless asset transfer across different blockchains. 

Today, Core DAO has announced that the Core Bridge is now officially live with Layer Zero, opening up exciting possibilities for a complete DeFi transformation on Core.

Erica Lee

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