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The ArGo-namebase Partnership to Change the Naming Domain

Considered a top-level blockchain-powered portal specialized in DApp hosting, ArGo has announced its strategic partnership with Namebase. It is a trusted decentralized name registrar that works on the Handshake blockchain system. The integration will aid ArGo and Namebase in bringing people close to the decentralized hosting services that ensure high-end security during the deployment of applications. The Handshake blockchain will get seamless access to decentralized naming and hosting services simultaneously.

As we know that Handshake is a revolutionary solution that is designed to reinvent the naming service on the web. With many features, the decentralized ledger helps resolve the issues prevalent in the traditional naming cluster. It works perfectly fine for projects willing to save data and facts from intrusions and fraudsters. The P2P module strives to create highly secure, decentralized, and socially accessible solutions over the Internet.

The CEO of Namebase, Tieshun, stated that partnership would help teams integrate decentralized naming services into decentralized hosting services. This will help to leverage a fully decentralized Web3 system. A similar response was given by ArGo’s CEO, Prashant Maurya. He elatedly said that the deal would bring new advantages to both the network operators.

The collaboration will improve ArGo services significantly by providing the portal with various enhancements such as:

  • No Censorship: The Arweave Protocol will allow customers to trigger websites that will be free from censorship. This feature shall be improved by the domain name accessible via Handshake.
  • Complete Decentralization: Namebase’s devoted decentralized naming system will expose the customers to the benefits of a decentralized cluster.
  • Full Uptime: This is possible because of the decentralized nature of domain names and hosting tools. The websites on ArGo will be free from outside interruptions.
  • Fixed Deployment: Handshake improves website security and ensures permanent deployment by keeping it away from administration and technical complications.

The entire ecosystem of ArGo helps to support the easy deployment of projects on its blockchain channel. This takes the apps to the Decentralized Storage Networks or DSNs making them more efficient. The limitations of centralization are easily removed by ArGo’s revolutionary portal.

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