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Temasek’s Chairman’s take on FTX internal review

Temasek is a Singapore-based international investment company which is launched with the aim of providing sustainable and staggering returns in due course on a long-term basis. As an investor, you must take note of various underlying risks while making an investment. Also, witnessing the fast emergence of various state-of-the-art technologies utilized in different industries and sectors, investing in them is an even more pragmatic idea.

After all, doing so will be instrumental for us in learning how these areas may exercise an influence on wide-ranging business and financial prototypes of the portfolio. Furthermore, this will help in ensuring whether or not they would be the drivers of any potential value in the rapidly changing world. With this in mind, investing in organizations that are in the preliminary stages of their business is a wiser decision. 

Considering the bankrupt Futures Exchange or FTX, as averred by prosecuting officers and as conceded by the key officials of the company, including its associates, a fallacious activity was on purpose concealed from investors, one of them being Temasek. In any case, the final result of our investment as well as the critical impression which took a toll on our standing left us berserk with grief.  

Self-governing personnel recently audited the investments made in our company, and the results were straightforwardly submitted to the Board Risk & Sustainability Committee and our Board. While no misdemeanor was committed by the investment personnel in jumping to a conclusion about their investment recommendation, the personnel, including the senior officials, who were fundamentally installed for making decisions about the investment, assumed the entire responsibility and had their compensation cut down. 

Lili Chuang

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