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MiCA rules reshape EEA’s stablecoin market by 2024

Due to new rules, the stablecoin market in EEA is predicted to shift significantly by June 30, 2024. These rules, known as MiCA (Markets in Crypto-Assets), will establish a framework that categorizes stablecoins into two types: There are two types of stablecoins which include; “Regulated Stablecoins” and “Unauthorized Stablecoins.” This change will affect the EEA issuance, purchase, sale, and use of such digital currencies. The arrival of MiCA is regarded as a positive step towards legalizing cryptocurrency operations throughout Europe. It is expected to offer enhanced protection to investors and stability to the market.

Binance, one of the leaders in cryptocurrency exchange, has reformed its platform in accordance with the requirements of MiCA due to the introduction of new regulations. This ensures that all the European Economic Area (EEA) users comply with the upcoming rules. From June 30, the availability of Unauthorized Stablecoins will change for EEA users on Binance, and Regulated Stablecoins will be given priority throughout Binance’s offerings.

For instance, EEA users will only have a limited number of alternatives to turning their Unauthorized Stablecoins on Binance. They can swap them for other cryptocurrencies, Regulated Stablecoins, or other Fiat Currencies. The purchase privilege on Unauthorized Stablecoins will not be available. Regardless, Binance still permits spot transactions with these coins until further notice is provided.

The platform’s wallet services will remain available for custody and withdrawal of Unauthorized Stablecoins, yet new features about these coins will be restricted. Binance plans to replace the traditional rewards given in Unauthorized Stablecoins with Regulated Stablecoins or other tokens.

In addition to the above changes, Binance stated that they will shut down the ‘Spot Copy Trading’ service for those living in the European Economic Area (EEA). All open positions will be closed at current market prices on June 29, 2024. Users are encouraged to keep an eye on existing loans to avoid such liquidations in the future. Also, the current margin trading service of Binance will forbid borrowing Unauthorized Stablecoins, and they cannot be used as collateral again.

This shift also affects financial products offered by Binance, such as investment and saving plans. For instance, all subscriptions for Unauthorized Stablecoins will be prohibited in Simple Earn programs on Binance. However, the current investments will continue to be funded until their specific time frame is over or until further notice from Binance.

In addition, Binance will adjust two investment products, cloud mining and Binance Pay/gift cards. These changes prevent Unauthorized Stablecoins from being used in new contracts or transactions. Starting June 29, 2024, only Regulated Stablecoins or other permitted digital assets will be allowed for any new business on the platform.

The measures that Binance has taken to ensure compliance with the MiCA regulations exemplify how these rules will transform the cryptocurrency sector in Europe. Transitioning towards a highly regulated business model guarantees compliance with legal requirements and contributes to creating a more reliable environment for those who use cryptocurrencies in the EEA.

Further, as the due date approaches, more systems and players in cryptocurrency are likely to reveal similar changes. This can be seen as a significant shift in the management, usage, and regulation of digital currency within Europe. Such a rule change is expected to lead to increased transparency, safety, and standardization within the industry, which, in the long run, is good for the end-users and the financial ecosystem.

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