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Solana Mainnet tries to restart after the substantial setback

The Solana Mainnet Beta happened to have been faced with a substantial amount of setbacks. Owing to this, the validator community was compelled to restart the network. The reason behind this was not at all made clear. Following a lot of deliberations, the network was restarted with the utilization of a slot previous to the last one. With the occurrence of the performance degradation, the validator nodes happened to have made the entry into safe mode, created with the aim of assisting the network in self-recovery in the case scenario of unavailability of data. 

With the consensus remaining active, it was not possible for the network to process user transactions. Despite all efforts, it was not understandable. The reason behind all of the happenings and the network was finding it difficult to make the necessary recovery. There just had to be the involvement of the validator community under the circumstances.

At this point in time, the engineers who happened to have been involved in the debugging exercise made up their minds to restart the network. The entire validator community came together for the downgrading to the older stable release, v1.13.6, and simultaneously lowering the restart risk because of the rolling out of 1.14.  

However, at the present moment in time, the network happens to be back online following the two trials. After a while of careful and close monitoring, it was finally declared to be back in action. Even in the past, it so happens that the blockchain has been in a similar situation. The reason behind this, as it has been understood, is that it has been concentrating on a high transaction throughput, which in turn, creates added pressure on the nodes in order to be able to maintain remaining in tandem.

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