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Poolz Ventures invests $2.5 million in GTO to support Gifto

Gifto has published an official blog post to share the news that it has received $2.5 million from Poolz Ventures, the venture arm of Poolz, as a strategic investment. The objective is to accelerate growth and innovation in the blockchain sphere.

Both ventures jointly look to grow their respective user bases while exploring more opportunities. Gifto and Poolz are a perfect fit for each other as they share a common mission and vision for the upcoming Web3 industry.

Poolz, with this strategic investment, has perfectly demonstrated its commitment to supporting the growth and development of the Web3 ecosystem. Poolz will back all the new projects scheduled to be released this year by Gifto. In other words, Poolz has committed to backing the entire 2023 roadmap of its partner.

This partnership has tons of potential as a promising collaboration. Growth and innovation are the needs of the hour. Strategic investment by Poolz presents an opportunity for others to follow the trend. Community members can surely expect many projects to launch this year.

Poolz Ventures and Gifto announced their partnership on January 22, 2023, with the intention of focusing on the Web3 industry. The decentralized internet is no longer a pipe dream. These partners demonstrate that the infrastructure not only exists but also has a long way to go. The subject of user adoption and transition from Web2 must be addressed. Poolz and Gifto have the capability to address such issues.

Many doors will be opened in the days to come because strategic investment is not only about putting money into someone’s ecosystem.

Departments, including marketing and community building, will be worked on to reach a larger number of users who have not been reached till now. The joint efforts will be conducted to ensure that Poolz and Gifto gain more users through the marketing campaign. Needless to say, the joint effort will mention and promote both partners together. Details about the marketing campaign are unknown, but one can assume that it would be timed around the phase when each project is about to enter the industry.

Poolz and Gifto will also use each other’s expertise and resources to push the limits of innovation and growth. Both companies will be the focus of the strategic investment, which will be used to help them do this.

Pools and Gifto are committed to encouraging development and innovation for Web3 through their sponsorship of upcoming projects slated for release this year. Poolz Ventures, the investment arm of Poolz, a decentralized cross-chain IDO platform, has invested $2.5 million to bring products and solutions to the marketplace. It was constructed atop the Web3 infrastructure.

Gifto is a virtual gifting protocol, the first of its kind in the industry and the first launchpad project in Binance.

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