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PolkaFoundry Teams Up With M6 for Marketing Services

A leading blockchain firm specializing in advisory and marketing services, Momentum 6 has collaborated with PolkaFoundry, a new-age production platform leading the DeFi space. Momentum6 will join the PolkaFoundry community as a marketing strategist, incubator, and funding supporter. The official Twitter post released by the PolkaFoundry team stated:

According to the announcement, the collaborating parties will contribute their joint expertise to streamline DeFi operations and encourage its accessibility. The teams will provide innovative services to customers dealing with DeFi.

PolkaFoundry is a high-tech integration solution for the DApp projects, providing interoperability with DeFi and Web 3.0 ecosystems by leveraging the Polkadot multi-chain blockchain. The Web 3 service helps users to own their data without interference from any outside entity.

The PolkaFoundry project enables DApp developers to create smooth UX by providing tools for high scalability and interoperability. The integration solutions include storage of data, reliable oracle infusion, management of identities, etc. These compatible tools help dApps easily interface with each other.

The Managing Partner at Momentum6, Garlam Won, stated that PolkaFoundry provides seamless cross-chain transfer of data. The interoperability of DeFi insurance services, open lending, DEXes, with dApps enables users to get value.

Momentum6 is a one-stop solution for DeFi and crypto companies. Momentum6 provides turnkey solutions for sustainable growth.

PolkaFoundry’s dApp integration features are essential for Web 3.0 to thrive because there are more dApps creating for Polkadot than for any other nextgen Web 3.0 blockchain. PolkaFoundry’s universally compatible dApp solutions provide the bridge for secure and private data and asset transfers across crypto and real-world applications.

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