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Netvrk and SolrDAO Have Partnered For a Better Future

Metaverse is a digital ecosystem that offers various avatars and opportunities to virtually own an asset. Metaverse has been in the world since the inception of the gaming industry. However, it is now evolving, with many major brands looking to expand and monetize their virtual ownership.

Experts have termed Metaverse sort of successor to the mobile internet. A common plan for Metaverse is to make it more open with interconnectivity and interoperability.


SolrDAO, a VC firm, focuses on educating young investors who have just begun their investment journey. It also offers support to them by connecting them to the community that comprises experienced investors.

Netvrk is built on Unreal Engine to enable it to share and monetize digital creators of the artists. It runs on multiple chains with a common focus on offering services to eCommerce, education, gaming, and virtual workplace sectors.

Netvrk x SolrDAO

Netvrk and SolrDAO have partnered together. Netvrk brings an opportunity for SolrDAO to have its headquarters in its Metaverse, while SolrDAO has committed to support and invest in the network.

It has supported and invested in the past, majorly in the projects based on Solana, Cardano, Polygon, and Binance Chain. Through this partnership, Netvrk will be able to improve its space to better enable users to build and monetize their creations via non-fungible tokens.

The metaverse segment of Netvrk is well known among the community members as a space that facilitates engagement and socialization. Now the same members will get a chance to connect with the community of SolrDAO that is loaded with investors who carry years of experience with them.

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