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Monero Price Falls Below $75 After a 2.62% Slump

Monero seems to have adopted a price correction phase after the last few weeks of consistent gains. Over the last 24 hours, it has shown a moderate downside momentum, and the price has fallen from $76.688 to $74.678.

Monero Price Analysis

Yesterday, XMR coin started trading at $76.688, and then, it initiated downward correction in the later hours. The first major movement started when Monero’s price was at a high of $77.271. Between 00:10 & 14:42 UTC, the coin lost 4.81% value and got placed at $73.556. It was followed by a 2.57% hike that added $1.89 and pushed the XMR price to $75.45 by 17:58 UTC. The last swing happened between 17:58 & 01:33 UTC. Over these seven and a half hours, Monero’s price lost 1.43% and reached $74.37.

Monero Price NewsMonero’s current price at $74.678 is more than its 50 days MA ($74.638) and 20 days MA ($74.537) with a marginal change. XMR coin is likely to continue an ongoing uptrend in the upcoming days. It may soon place itself at $77.05 as its next resistance point. However, investors may face price fluctuations on the intraday level.

Monero (XMR) Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance $77.05
2nd Resistance $78.83
3rd Resistance $80.44
1st Support $73.66
2nd Support $72.05
3rd Support $70.27

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