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Manta allies with Getaverse to launch Getaverse zkInitiator

Manta Network, a leading zk layer 1 blockchain platform renowned for its unparalleled prover speed and decentralized trusted setup, has announced a strategic partnership with Getaverse Global, a prominent Metaverse ecological service platform built on Web3. This collaboration aims to launch the Getaverse zkInitiator, an innovative tool that empowers the Getaverse community to enjoy Web3 products and experiences with enhanced privacy.

The Getaverse zkInitiator represents a significant advancement in privacy solutions within the Web3 ecosystem. By leveraging zero-knowledge decentralized identifiers (zkDIDs), community members can now protect their identities and personal information while engaging with various Web3 applications. This innovative integration of privacy features solidifies Manta Network’s position as a leader in delivering programmable privacy to the Web3 domain.

To access the Getaverse zkInitiator, interested community members can mint their own by visiting the dedicated minting page at 

However, it should be noted that to mint a zkInitiator, individuals must first possess one of the Getaverse Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) or Smart Basket Tokens (SBTs).

By minting a Getaverse zkInitiator, users within the Manta ecosystem can maintain their privacy and secure their exact addresses. Utilizing Manta’s proof key enables seamless integration between Web2 and Web3 applications and any other blockchain ecosystem.

For the wider Manta Network community, an exclusive opportunity awaits in the form of a special-edition OAT (OpenAI Token). This unique token can be collected via the Galxe platform, ensuring that Manta Network’s dedicated community members are rewarded for their continued support and engagement.

It is recommended that community members install the Manta Wallet in order to fully experience the benefits of the zkInitiator and participate in this initiative. This will enable them to receive their newly minted zkSBT (zkShielded Basket Token) directly in their wallets, unlocking the true privacy potential of the Manta Network ecosystem.

Through this collaboration with Getaverse Global, Manta Network strives to empower Web3 users with a secure and private online experience. Manta Network and Getaverse Global aim to foster trust and facilitate broader adoption of Web3 technologies by embracing zero-knowledge proofs and advanced privacy solutions.

As the demand for privacy and security in the digital landscape rises, partnerships between Manta Network and Getaverse Global are essential to meeting the changing requirements of Web3 users. The introduction of the Getaverse zkInitiator represents a significant step toward a more privacy-focused Web3 future in which individuals can confidently engage in a variety of online activities.

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