Malta AIBC Summit Concludes as the Best AI and Blockchain Event of 2019

Malta AIBC Summit Concludes as the Best AI and Blockchain Event of 2019

With Malta establishing itself as the blockchain island of the present era, the strategic importance of the Malta AIBC Summit increased like never before as the event witnessed the flocking of the experts, spearheads, and stakeholders of the technology world in a vast number. Taking pride as Europe’s most celebrated AI and Blockchain event, the AIBC Summit was concluded on Saturday after three days of informative conferences, indulging workshops, and an exciting expo floor.

As per the reports, the event was graced by more than 6500 esteemed attendees from the evolving tech industries belonging to different spheres. Apart from the corporate-oriented programs, the event was made even more special with Grammy Award winner, Akon’s rocking performance. The AIBC summit saw the active participation of over 150 renowned exhibitors who boosted high energy on the expo floor making the summit a one-of-a-kind in the world.

Eman Pulis while sharing views about the Summit said,

“The show has been a tremendous success for all involved, and a truly global affair as well. We were encouraged to see so many delegates from Asian countries present, including Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, Japan and China. This absolutely validates our decision to co-locate our show to Manila in June 2020, and we’re looking forward to building new partnerships between east and west next year.”

During the three-day-long summit, keynote speeches garnered a lot of attention from the attendees as it allowed them to immerse themselves in the knowledge, expertise, and innovative ideas of the biggest creators and the best minds of the digital space who explored the hot industry topics in their valuable speeches. Some of the renowned leaders who spent their auspicious time while sharing their ideas with the audience included Bobby Lee, Craig Wright, Mati Greenspan, David Orban and Akon. The global singing icon spoke about aiding the process of evolution of blockchain technology in Africa through his Akoin token.

Another intriguing event during the summit was the Start-Up Pitch program. The event saw the participation of over 100 entities. However, it was Photocert firm that flew away with the first prize along with substantial aids from investors.

Eman Pulis concluded,

“It’s been such an amazing week, with so many luminaries from the emerging tech sectors taking to our conference stage and bringing the community together for the future.  Last year we were talking about theory, and in 2019 we’ve been talking about implementation. I’m sure 2020 will be full of success stories from all our valued exhibitors and partners, across the world.”

The reports suggest that the next summit will be organized during June 8 and 9 in Manila, Philippines the coming year.

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