ICX Station and ICON Hyperconnect Launch ICX Station Seoul Launchpad

ICX Station Partners with ICON Hyperconnect

ICX Station is excited to announce the ICX Station partnering with ICON Hyperconnect, P-Rep and ICON accelerator for the launch of the Seoul Launchpad of ICX Station. 

ICON Hyperconnect will be the official accelerator partner of the ICON Foundation and ICX Station. Launchpads are the hubs for ICX Station, and each of them is contributing to speeding up the growth of the ICON Ecosystem. This partnership will imprint the development of ICX Station’s efforts to bring rise to ICON’s presence and growth of ICON in Korea. 

ICON Hyperconnect is escorted by the Head of Research at Deblock, Markus Jun. Deblock is the venture capital firm and the accelerator partner of ICON Hyperconnect. Jun has been working closely with ICON Foundation and ICX Station members. He has been a part of the research, investments and has escalated various projects that were planned for ICON. Along with this, Jun has a degree in computer science at Seoul National University. 

Jun has contributed massively to promote ICON and has represented it and Deblock at various discussion panels. He was also part of the talk on ICON at Samsung Global strategy group, along with other top leaders of the blockchain industry. 

ICX is looking forward to more collaborations to further continue its plan to add launchpads worldwide.