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HYPHEN joins Hedera Guardian Ecosystem for DMRV Methodologies

HYPHEN has announced that it is joining the Hedera Guardian Ecosystem in association with the HBAR Foundation. The objective is to develop new dMRV methodologies and help industries achieve the goal of Net Zero. Despite the fact that the development is unique to Indonesia, HYPHEN’s design might eventually spread to other countries depending on how well it performs.

The new model being worked on monitors the exchange of GHGs between the atmosphere and the terrestrial surface. It will leverage the capabilities of scientific instruments that continuously measure the changing concentrations of atmospheric GHGs.

Carbon markets thrive, yet they are hampered by the challenges that they face. The majority of them are concerned with GHG emissions and removals. An accurate MRV is required if industries are to get closer to reducing emissions. It also helps to align with the Paris Agreement’s declared objective.

Every challenge in the carbon market has only resulted in wrongly estimating the carbon offset benefit. Thereby, resulting in trust issues wherein the carbon market could potentially shine. The adoption, as of now, is slower than expected.

HYPHEN enters to bolster transparency and help involved authorities audit the data. It provides near-real-time atmospheric GHG measurements along with the capacity to continuously monitor GHG concentrations. The technology that HYPHEN plans to deploy has been under development for the last 60 years. A reason why they enter the market now is because of sufficient scientific literature.

The infrastructure features LI-COR eddy covariance systems. They have been engineered for long-term deployment, supporting the measurement of CH4, CO2, and H2O plus energy flux. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models will be utilized to improve GHG flux estimation.

Before expanding the territory, the New Guardian methodologies will first be used in two pilot projects in Indonesia. The first task will be to successfully validate its application, reduction, removal, and avoidance not just in the project region but also in a broader sense.

HYPHEN will enable scaling the carbon market. While it is suggested to be relevant only to specific project regions, the foundation and confidence from implementation will promote the development of the Government of Indonesia and establish the groundwork for future entrants. Africa, Southern Asia, and Latin America, among others, are primed to maintain the trend.

Assuming the deployment fetches desirable results, it will help incentivize investments in the carbon market and assist in achieving Net Zero.

The move comes days after HYPHEN announced its partnership with Toucan to advance the integrity of the carbon market. The partnership is directly associated with the rising need for renewed reliability and validation. It helps buyers and sellers validate carbon offsets with cutting-edge technology and a forward-thinking approach.

HYPHEN and Hedera Guardian Ecosystem, for now, have their sights on how the deployment works out. New dMRV methodologies could help industries achieve Net Zero in Indonesia.

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