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GigaFX – A Secured Multi-resource Trading Platform for Excellent Trading Experience

GigaFX is a fast developing cryptocurrency and forex dealer established in the Dominican Republic. GigaFX gives traders access to a dependable and secure exchanging platform with best-exchanging conditions with multiple capacities. They have operations throughout the world and are regulated in many regions. In the Dominican Republic, it functions under Four Square International Venture Ltd. GigaFX is famously known for embracing algorithmic trading platforms.

Asset Indexes

GigaFX has one of the most significant asset indexes among the traders in the market as it enables the user to trade more than 2,200 necessary financial instruments effectively. Moreover, the best part about GigaFX’s is its flexibility, as it keeps on including various options with time. Other than this option, they offer the capacity to trade valuable metals, soft commodities, Indices, energies, foreign stocks, and currencies.

Types of Asset

GigaFX is an online intermediary who offers an adaptable platform for CFD (A contract of Difference) trading for five diverse resource classes, such as Forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, and stocks. Moreover, GigaFX has its presence in more than 60 nations; they bring safe exchanging knowledge for its users with Strict KYC strategies and anti-money laundering policies.

Cannabis Stocks

One of the essential stocks that GigaFX has included in its asset Index is the stocks of cannabis. GigaFX has the best cannabis stocks accessible on its platform for exchanging. Cara Therapeutics, Canopy Growth Corp, GW pharmaceuticals, Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holding, are some of the stocks that can be traded when the user has opened an account with GigaFX.

Type of Accounts

  • The first account type is the Starter account, and as the name indicates, this option was introduced by GigaFX for a newbie who has just stepped into the trading world and needs to start slow.
  • The second account option is the Silver account, which is for the slightly experienced so floating spreads are available with leverage of 1:100. The user can also have access webinars provided by GigaFX for imparting knowledge and insight into the world of trading.
  • The third account type is the Gold account, and this is for the more experienced traders because it comes with an experienced Consultant, daily market alerts as well as one-on-one training by the experts.
  • The last account is the Premium account, and as the name indicates, it is meant for professional and skilled traders due to which it comes with a Personal Bonus as well as Expert Trading.

Meta Trader and Web Trader

GigaFX offers MetaTrader 4 exchanging platform to its brokers in the desktop form. Users can likewise utilize the platform as web software and also as a mobile application. Moreover, GigaFX is offering its users a chance to trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum on its platform.

For the individuals who are interested in trading by desktops, and laptops, the choice of WebTrader is given by GigaFX. It is the design that makes the interface user-friendly, and there are more tools like diagrams and charts that can be used by the trader for making smart choices.

GigaFX provides services to its traders for more than 60 nations by making its security an essential factor to guarantee its users so that they can have a flawless and pleasant experience. AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know your Customer) strategies are exercised to guarantee traders where they can use the platform without stressing over trading off their data.

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