Ethereum Price Has Escalated by Almost 3% Since Yesterday

ETH coin was priced at $187.47 on 28th August. There was a significant fall on the same day at, and ETH price fell as low as $168.26 with a decline of 10%. For the next three days until almost the end of 19th August, the movement of the Ethereum was at the same pace. On 31st August, since 21:30 UTC, there was a sharp rise and price reached $174.56. Since 1st September, Ethereum seems to have gained back its momentum and is slowly started to rise upwards.

Ethereum Price

ETH to USD Price Analysis and Prediction:

By comparing the Ethereum price since it was at $187.47 and the current price, ETH coin indicates a bearish run by 4.5%.

As per the past data and current trend, it is anticipated that the same trend may continue for Ethereum tomorrow. Ethereum can be traded in the month of September in the range of $172 and $191 as per calculated resistance and support levels.

Ethereum’s present trend suggests that this is a good time to trade and if you have coins then to hold the existing coins in hand. CMF indicator also points that current movement of the coin is downwards. As per the past performance, ETH might change the scenario soon. Ethereum being the second-best currency has time and again provided great returns to its investors, and if being traded from a long-term vision it can continue to offer huge returns.