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Ethereum rebounds above $2,900, reducing 24-hour decline to 3%

In 2024, Ethereum (ETH) took off on a good note. Fueled partly by a solid start to the year, with its value having skyrocketed over the past six months and higher general market sentiment across crypto as well (alongside continued Ninja Whales activity), Ethereum’s price exploded in part thanks to increased interest in decentralized applications and smart contracts running atop it. 

By mid-2024, ETH had already traversed prices of $3,282, but it saw significant resistance at close to $3105, leading to pullbacks. The broader crypto market has recently experienced an across-the-board bearish trend, and ETH took a severe hit. With Bitcoin struggling at critical resistance levels and indicating a possible drop in prices, the bearish wave hit altcoins, including Ethereum. At press time, the current price of Ethereum is $2,920.38.

On the other hand, ETH seems to be recovering, as its 24-hour losses now amount to only 2.55% versus yesterday’s 5%. This development indicates that the price may stabilize as market sentiment changes. News of improvements to the Ethereum network, specifically scalability upgrades on the horizon, also helped keep investor beliefs afloat and further supported its price recovery over time. 

In addition, the 50-day moving average of ETH is $3,545.35, which indicates a 5% volatility in the bear market, indicating that a price correction is imminent. By the conclusion of this year, it is anticipated that the ETH token will surpass the $4500 threshold due to Ethereum’s robust market sentiment.

Therefore, although this recovery may be interpreted as part of the broader trend exhibited by Ethereum, the ongoing recoverability of its protocol is crucial to evaluate within the context of the turbulent cryptocurrency marketplace. 

After the cryptocurrency market as a whole took a tumble, Ethereum exhibited incredible resiliency by climbing back up. The overall performance of Ethereum is still remarkable, even with the volatility that has occurred recently. Ethereum, according to crypto researcher Javon Marks, might surge to $4,723.5 or even higher. A number of experts are projecting a jump to over $6,300 by the end of July 2024, a brief decline to $3,700, and then another boom to over $7,300 in March 2025.

Ethereum has a high probability of recovering from the present downturn, as evidenced by its growth in previous bear markets. Nevertheless, investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough research, as the market dynamics are subject to frequent fluctuations.

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