Equisafe Joins ADAN to Strengthen its Hold in the French Blockchain Ecosystem

Equisafe collaborates with ADAN

Crypto investment company Equisafe announced on Wednesday that it had joined the Association for the Development of Digital Assets (ADAN) in France. In a blog post on Medium, the France-based firm said that it had joined ADAN and its members to jointly develop the future and regulate digital assets in France and Europe.

In the blog post, Equisafe admitted that it desires to be one of the key players in the French blockchain space, and with the expertise of ADAN and its members, it will further strengthen its position. Together, the ADAN and its members, including Equisafe, aim to build a robust decentralized digital economy for the future. Commenting on the recent developments, Bilal El Alamy, President of Equisafe said,

Bilal El Alamy said

Incorporated in 2019, Equisafe is expected to soon become one of the leading crypto investment firms in France. The major motive of Equisafe is to provide highly liquid investments to as many financial instruments as possible. ADAN is an association of crypto-blockchain companies in France, which was also founded last year. The association aims to promote and develop digital assets in France and Europe with a vision of an alternative economy. ADAN President, Simon Polrot, said that the association was delighted to welcome Equisafe on-board. He added,

Simon Polrot said