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DigiByte Foundation x LCX partnership takes the next step

The DigiByte Foundation and LCX have taken their partnership to the next level. However, this includes LCX listing the trading pair of $DGB/$USDC and committing 50% of the trading fees to the Foundation. The partnership between the Foundation and LCX is in existence already. The development merely extends it a step ahead.

The partnership agreement stands valid for 12 months, during which the development is received constantly. The agreement is effective from December 01, 2022, with the commitment of LCX to make an upfront donation to the Foundation.

LCX will make the upfront donation by sending $DGB to the official wallet of the DigitByte Foundation. LCX and the DigiByte Foundation go way back to when the Foundation was restructured, and LCX was onboarded as its Sponsoring Partner. It has only grown to flourish, as evident from the fact that DigiByte Network receives tech-level support through LCX actively running its full nodes.

It is a crucial move considering the security that the blockchain and its native token require. The agreement entered applies between LCX and the DigiByte Foundation only. It has no direct relation with DigiByte, a permissionless network with no authoritative body and exclusivity to commercial business.

Proceeds generated by the Foundation are directed toward the growth of its native token, namely DGB. Moreover, development, marketing campaigns, and education receive support in an equal amount to help create awareness among a wider number of people. The ultimate mission is to increase the acceptability and integration of DGB as a payment network while boosting the venture’s blockchain technology with all its capabilities.

DigitByte Foundation announced the update through its official blog post, highlighting that it is looking forward to working with LCX to create awareness among the community members and offer support whenever possible.

DigiByte forms one of the strong pillars of Web3 when it comes to security and decentralization. Founded in 2014 by Jared Tate, DigiByte remains an open-source and scalable blockchain decentralized with a maximum supply of 21 billion coins.

With the agreement already in place, the partnership between DigitByte Foundation and LCX can only be expected to grow in the times to come.

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