Cryptocurrency Exchange Visa Cards Are Now Live on Apple App in Australia has announced that its Visa Cards are now available with Apple Pay. Users can make their respective purchases through contactless mode via Visa Cards on Apple Pay. The implementation is recent for the Australian region.

Apple Pay provides a much safer and easier option for users to pay a merchant, a retailer, or a website.

Select apps and participating websites will accept Visa Cards of Users who add and enable their Visa Cards can process payments through iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch.

It is a much easier way to check out from the store. Apple Pay is also faster because users are not required to create an account or fill up a long form to get their Visa Cards. Visa Cards can be easily added to any Apple device. Here’s how:-


  • Activate the Wallet Application on iPhone.
  • Select the Wallet App.
  • Locate and tap the “+” sign to proceed with the addition of the Visa Card.

Apple Watch:-

  • Access iPhone.
  • Open the Apple Watch application on the iPhone.
  • Locate and tap “Wallet & Apple Pay”.
  • Click “Add Debit or Credit Card”.
  • Proceed with integrating Visa Card on Apple Watch.


  • Access iPad and go to Settings.
  • Select “Wallet & Apple Pay”.
  • Click on “Add Credit or Debit Card”. The process is almost similar to the Apple Watch.


  • Access the Mac model with Touch ID.
  • Navigate to System Preferences.
  • Click “Wallet & Apple Pay”.
  • Select “Add Card”.
  • Proceed to link Visa Card with Mac.

Adding Visa Card is as easy as adding any other Debit or Credit Card on Apple devices. Another very easy thing is applying for the Visa Card, which follows three simple steps.

  1. Sign Up

Users have to download and sign up on the application of, followed by the completion of KYC. application is currently compatible only with iPhone and Android.

2. Apply

Navigate to the Card page at the bottom of the application and select the preferred card tier. Users will have to stake equivalent CRO at the prevailing rate. Accept the terms and conditions, confirm the details, and submit the application form.

3. Shipment

Once the Visa Card is ready, users will be asked to update the app and stake the committed CRO in case they have not already staked their holding. Card status is updated on the application only after completing all the steps.

The estimated time to deliver the Visa Card depends on the location. Shipment is currently available for Singapore, the United States of America, Canada, The United Kingdom, the European Union, and APAC, with an average shipment duration of 7-9 days.

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