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Crust Network Enters Strategic Partnership with Saito

Crust Network and Saito have decided to collaborate to help the Web3 developers with the implementation and accessibility of the decentralized data. Currently, developers find it difficult to have seamless access to decentralized data; however, with this partnership, a new common standard for the Saito will be created. All Web3 developers can then use this common data point to do transactions related to retrieval and saving data in a purely open and decentralized manner.

The benefit will manifest in the form of faster development of applications. As developers will to quickly add data and that too in a purely reliable manner, the application development process can be hastened. Besides, this creation of a common standard will make the application development process open and cost-effective by doing away with the conventional practice of lock-in.

About companies involved in this partnership, Saito is the leading platform that offers users the capability to run blockchain applications without the need for any closed plugins. The organization is the proud recipient of the Web3 foundation grant and working to make the internet space truly decentralized in nature. On the other hand, Crust has carved a name for itself by emerging as a leading player that can support the building of the computing layer and cloud ecosystem in a completely decentralized platform.

This collaboration assumes significance for the next wave of revolution in the blockchain industry. Web3 applications are touted to be a game-changer as they offer next-generation internet transactions. The aspect that makes them truly commendable is the relinquishing of the middleman in the process.

Erica Lee

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