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Chainlink is powering the entry of Origin Protocol into the Arbitrum ecosystem

Origin Protocol has announced that it will soon enter the Arbitrum ecosystem. The collaboration is reportedly powered by Chainlink’s CCIP and aims to broaden Origin’s accessibility. Origin Protocol, in the announcement, said that it would soon reveal more details about the launch partners.

Arbtirum has confirmed the development by reposting the announcement on its X account. Members of the community have begun responding to the development, with many of them calling it a smart move and others welcoming them to Arbitrum’s ecosystem, saying that they have finally come home. Simply put, there is a lot of enthusiasm about Origin Protocol navigating its way into the ecosystem of Arbtirum.

Chainlink’s association with the move potentially enhances its efficiency, ensuring that the benefits are mutually served to both parties.

The development, however, has done little to nothing for their respective native tokens – OGN and ARB. OGN has been down by 2.72% in the last 24 hours and is currently listed at $0.2069. ARB has fallen by 6.44% during the same time window but has sustained the level above the milestone of $1 by continuing to exchange hands at $1.65.

There is a chance that the mention of launch partners in the coming weeks by Origin Protocol may uptick the trading values of both native tokens. There is also a possibility that the macro growth of the crypto sphere may eventually bring them out from the bearish sentiment.

It comes hours after Arbtirum acknowledged the launch of the first L2 – Kinto’s bridge. The announcement practically enabled users to register on Kinto’s bridge as a founding member – walking the golden road to experience the removal of issues about security and UX.

Origin Protocol recently launched Origin Ether on Recognized as OETH, Origin Protocol’s token has been linked to generate yields from liquid staking tokens. Thereby enhancing earnings via APYs optimized for liquidity provision strategies and LSTs.

Arbitrum continues to expand its ecosystem. The most recent entrant was Infini Gods. They said they had finally found a new home in Arbitrium, calling it a strategic partner to help them scale the experience for players and onboard many users to the blockchain. Arbitrum was chosen for its leadership, vibrant gaming community, and cutting-edge infrastructure.

Infinni Gods took this as an opportunity to host the launch of a new product and mobile platform – Piggy Banks and the King of Destiny Marketplace.

Origin entering Arbitrum marks a pivotal moment for both sides. While it helps Origin Protocol broaden its accessibility, it allows Arbitrum Protocol to expand the ecosystem further. The end benefit will be provided to users so they can have a better experience. More details about launch partners are expected to be made public in the coming weeks by Origin Protocol.

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