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Chainflix now Collaborates with Fandom and Berry

Chainflix is excited to announce its collaboration with Fandom and Berry. Jeong-Seok Oh the CEO of Chainflix, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the General Manager of Fandom and Berry, Yo-han An, to strive for a joint market campaign and partnership on the long term basis. 

Fandom is a digital community platform for fans. People can be part of their favorite celebrity fan club, where they can communicate and share thoughts with other fans as well. Fandom is an application designed exclusively for fans where they can form a community of their own and communicate directly. It’s an easily accessible platform, available for both web and mobile.

Berry Store is a charity auction platform based on blockchain technology. The platform allows fans to bid on celebrity merchandise that is mostly available in particular stores. Berry Store aims to build a platform to make auctions for maximum proceedings so that the funds are donated further for charities. The people using this application can do the bidding and purchase by making use of Berry’s native cryptocurrency, or they can make use of other traditional payment methods such as PayPal or credit cards. Berry is expected to be launched by this year.

The collaboration aims to produce video content of celebrities from various different fraternities. Fandom and Berry will be uploading their video contents on Chainflix through their official channel. Chainflix is a blockchain-based P2P streaming platform that enables content creators to channelize their talent and make money through it. 

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