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Casper upgrade goes live on mainnet

Casper, an enhanced network, has announced that it is now live on the mainnet. Meaning, that the builders of decentralized applications, that is dApps, can get on board to leverage the potential of the new offering. Per the announcement, Casper is the only blockchain that supports upgradable smart contracts.

Casper has highlighted in the post that while any dApp builder can get started with the network, it is likely to be the most beneficial for large-scale organizations. The team has credited the success to Casper 1.5 for making the enhanced network more efficient, accessible, and secure.

Some of the key improvements in Casper mainnet are:

  • Nodes upgradation for fast sync
  • Eliminating the need to unbond in order to redelegate
  • Introduction of a new execution endpoint that is speculative in nature
  • Security enablement based on role & multi-sig
  • Upgraded smart contract security

The community is happy with the development to the extent that many of them hailed Casper for marching toward the stardom. Many more members have either posted a GIF with a person clapping or have sought answers to the question if liquid staking will ever be introduced.

Casper 1.5 comes into the picture by enabling the authors of contracts to run transactions against a blockchain that is active but has no commitment to the results. Casper is a layer-1 blockchain, and the only one in the segment, that now allows dApps builders to debug a smart contract on the mainnet. Thereby, giving big enterprises more control in the public blockchain infrastructure along with an increase in utility.

Overall, the Casper upgrade can be summarized in four basic points:

  • Enhanced security features
  • Improve network speed
  • Future proof
  • Speculative execution

Almost a month ago, in the early days of August, Casper posted an update for the protocol development grant. It was to inform the community that the Casper Association will be making the grant payment available for Casper Labs. Addressing the current version as 1.5.2, it was acknowledged that the mechanism was live on the testnet and the mainnet launch is inching closer.

The current mainnet development of Casper also follows the partnership of Casper Network with HELLO Labs for the Meet the Killer Whales event in Singapore. Casper will co-host the event on September 12, 2023, with Hacken and Bitget.

HELLO Labs introduced Casper as the official sponsor, highlighting its efforts by informing that Casper is bringing everyone to the global premier of the event.

Casper has actually been teasing the launch of its upgrade on the mainnet for the last few days. It even stated three advantages for everyone to write in Rust on the network. These are:

  • Leveraging the use of widespread language to cover domains like games, web services, and FinTech
  • Error-prone functionality supported by error messages that bring potential issues to light before the project is deployed
  • Rust is resilient, providing faster writing speed for the convenience of development

Casper is live on the mainnet and builders of dApps can start leveraging the capabilities of the network in their favor, especially the ones that pertain to the deployment of upgradable smart contracts.

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