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Cardano Foundation Reinforces Its Ties With the University of Zurich

Giving due respect and honoring its commitment to upgrading and making improvements on all fronts where the field of education is concerned, the Cardano Foundation has decided to strengthen its bond with the University of Zurich. In their educated opinion and as part of their plans to achieve this, they will be sponsoring a Ph.D. status in Blockchain Analytics.

This would entail the Ph.D. to go deep into and thoroughly study the economic role and workings of UTXO-based blockchain. This entire exercise by the Ph.D. will be more fruitful with the involvement and valuable contributions made by the Cardano foundation itself and the Blockchain data observatory at the UZH. 

This sponsorship of a Ph.D. stems from the declaration made a while back between the Cardano Foundation and the Blockchain Center of the University of Zurich (UZH BCC). This university is one of the most renowned and respected universities in Europe.

The game plan forward is for both of these entities to collectively explore avenues for the enhancement and upgradation of blockchain education, on the whole, coupled with the more than ample research opportunities that will open up. 

All said and done, the Cardano Foundation and the amount of value and respect and importance it gives to all of its commitments are sufficiently taken into account and proved by the fact and decision of it sponsoring the Ph.D., thereby opening up multiple doors where research and education of blockchain is concerned.

In accordance with all of this and according to the CEO of the Cardano Foundation, Frederik Gregaard, this mutually beneficial coming together of the Cardano Foundation and the University of Zurich will change the entire scenario in the field of education, with so much they would be exposed to, by the sharing of each other’s expertise, knowledge, and rich overall experience.

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