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Bitcoin Keno Tips: All You Need Know

Introduction – Bitcoin Keno

The classic game of Keno has got a new avatar with the arrival of cryptos like Bitcoins. Experts from many corners have already stated that there is a tendency among the new generation to spend cryptocurrencies for activities like betting and gambling. The reason for this shift directly connects to the multiple advantages brought in by the new age finance system like speed, privacy, efficiency and profitability.

These facets of Bitcoin combined with the simplified gameplay of Keno have paved the way for a new trend known as Bitcoin Keno in the gambling industry. For those new to this area, Bitcoin gambling is already a thriving business in casinos. Now, this new addition will make it more accessible and finance-friendly for the users. Just with a basic crypto wallet from a trusted exchange, you can play the best Bitcoin Keno game in any casino across the globe.

How to Play Bitcoin Keno?

Before going into the ‘how’ of playing Bitcoin Keno, we must have a basic idea about where to play it. Traditionally, Keno is offered in a casino where players use their fiat money to find a combination of numbers. As the casinos began moving online, Keno followed suit with other games and became popular even among novice players. The internet has also seen many websites springing up dedicated particularly to Keno. As the next step in the evolution, Keno has incorporated Bitcoin in recent times. Moreover, the internet has also seen many exclusive casinos springing up in addition to several Bitcoin-friendly traditional casinos. 

As for how to play Bitcoin Keno, a player primarily needs a crypto wallet to send, receive and store the Bitcoins. It can be opened using one of the trusted crypto exchanges like Kraken, Coinbase or CoinSpot. Once the wallet is ready, they can transfer their tokens into their Keno account and start playing. You can select a game and randomly choose a combination of numbers as required. The winners will be compensated depending on how many numbers they get right during the game.

Bitcoin Keno Tips

As simple as it may seem, you need to understand some basic principles before the game to increase your odds of winning the grand prize. Not only that, having some of these handy tips keeps you on the path to responsible gambling.

Never Play to Win

It is a known fact that Bitcoin Keno is a chance-based game. Getting competitive in a game of chance is the road to financial ruin.  So, keep it as fun-filled as possible and do not expect a win at every turn.

Ignore Stats/History Screens

Do not be appalled by previous statistics and histories in Bitcoin Keno. The winners are randomly selected in a Keno game and there is no way to figure out the future outcomes through the records. So, keep your mind fresh during every turn of your Keno games.

Know Your Odds

The odds of winning a Bitcoin Keno is one in several million. Moreover, this game comes with one of the biggest house edges found in a casino which is usually 30%. You must know such angles of the Bitcoin Keno game before putting your money.

Compare Ticket Prices

Compare the ticket prices from two or more Bitcoin Keno websites to find the best deal. The websites offer varieties of Bitcoin Keno games each with different prize pools and peculiarities.

Don’t Confuse Keno With Bingo and Lotto Games

One common mistake people make is confusing Keno for similar games like Lottery or Bingo. The odds of landing a prize in Keno are higher than in the other two as you can become eligible just by getting one of the numbers right in the combination.

The Advantages of Bitcoin Keno

There certainly are several advantages for one preferring to play with Bitcoin instead of fiat money. Let us look at some of the benefits of playing Bitcoin Keno in this section.

  • Bitcoin Keno is primarily an online area that brings variety to this classic game.
  • Bitcoins are privacy-oriented and let you keep your private details off the chart while playing Bitcoin Keno online. 
  • Being powered by the blockchain, your transaction data remains immutable and decentralised in the data blocks enhancing the security of your finance.
  • Your winnings can be processed in minutes while using Bitcoins. The very task might take several days for the banker to process.
  • Thanks to the lack of regulatory and upkeep expenses, these Bitcoin Keno websites bring the best discounts and promotions you can ever see.
  • The global network of Bitcoins gives access even to countries with gambling restrictions and regions that lack the necessary infrastructure for gambling.
  • The winnings are processed for a nominal fee and are often tax-efficient.
  • Your Bitcoin winnings are converted to the current market rate and are safe from issues like inflation.


Bitcoin has become an unavoidable force in the gambling industry in recent times. Moreover, the DeFi as a whole is also turning towards exciting areas like gaming and metaverse. These new paths may point to a brighter future for emerging concepts like Bitcoin Keno in the gambling industry. On top of everything, you can get your Keno tickets for as little as 5 cents making it all the more fascinating for gamblers.

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