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Bianjie & One Identity Express Collaborate to Jointly Develop Blockchain

Bianjie and One Identity Express has recently announced their strategic partnership. Both organizations have encountered mutual benefits from this collaboration. The organization shares common principals of development, and both parties will be collaborating in the areas of identity service, digital certification, and underlying blockchain technology.

This particular collaboration will be providing support to the business needs from various enterprise’s computing scenarios. For instance, the collaboration assures that trusted identities add the data that is added to the blockchain enterprise. Along with this, it also provides details regarding the node and time with assisting of personal certificates. All these features ensure security benefits that are provided through this collaboration to obtain a trusted identity blockchain system.

The advantages of both these parties will be quite evident after this collaboration. The collaboration will enhance Bianjie’s enterprise technology and One Identity Express’s Identity Service.

The Inter-Realm Industry Trust Alliance is developed by Bianjie and is the first consortium blockchain product of an enterprise-level that is built on the Cosmos ecosystem powered by an advanced level blockchain technology framework.

One Identity Express is the leading identity service provider based in China and has collaborated with many CA institutions and different enterprises. They have previously worked on projects like identity authentication, channel owners project, digital verification project, etc.

Bianjie is a high tech startup based in Shanghai. Since the year 2016, Bianjie is focusing on developing innovative products and solutions for the financial and healthcare industry. Bianjie has been making the use of blockchain technology for providing services and big data technologies. Bianjie has previously served customers in China that comprise provincial and state blockchain platforms.

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