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Beefy Finance Joins Hands with SushiSwap

Beefy Finance has entered into a partnership with SushiSwap to offer more efficient services at the Polygon. After joining hands with Pangolin last week, Beefy Finance has forged a partnership yet again, and this time it is with SushiSwap. Beefy Finance is now gearing up to celebrate the partnership with SushiSwap by holding the event of BeefSUSHI week to reward the users with token giveaways and AMAs. Beefy Finance is the foremost multichain yield optimizer that offers LPs with greater yields. The partnership aims to work together on Polygon for enhancing the yields of SushiSwap LPs.

The partnership with Beefy Finance is highly beneficial for SushiSwap as SushiSwap will deploy Polygon and make it available for its users. Polygon is associated with an ever-expanding ecosystem that witnesses the development of Ethereum projects almost every day. Through the partnership, SushiSwap is seeking to attract more users who wish to work with Ethereum Blockchain directly on Polygon. One of the primary reasons behind the partnership is the speed and inexpensiveness of transactions at Polygon. The side chain of Polygon is compatible with EVM, which makes it easy for the users to deploy new assets using the Ethereum Blockchain. The users of SushiSwap now only need to incorporate Polygon into their wallets to use Sushi on Polygon of Beefy Finance.

Last week SushiSwap introduced Beefy Finance to the Onsen Rewards function of SushiSwap. Through the partnership, SushiSwap will be giving out extra rewards on BIFI-USDC pairs. At present, Beefy Finance houses eighteen vaults of SushiSwap and assets worth $5 million being autocompounded with the users. The ETH-MATIC pair of SushiSwap is the most popular vault among the users. SushiSwap is currently looking forward to the launch of Shoyu, the NFT-based platform. The community-driven platform of DeFi projects is working on the development of a holistic decentralized trading forum.

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