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Avail to part ways from Polygon Labs and Foundation

Anurag Arjun has spent over 5 years at Polygon and has now announced to take Avail off the grid. Remembering this time, Anurag said the day was historic while expressing excitement about Avail spinning off the network.

Anurag started Avail in 2020; it is a modular blockchain that has been tailored for the accessibility of data. The transition will not affect the leadership, as he has announced that he will continue to drive the projects forward. Avail enables its users to overcome the difficulty posed by monolithic blockchains. It must leave the grid because it no longer falls within the L2 solutions of Polygon.

That said, Avail will now be a separate entity with a self-funding mechanism. Avail is the type of technology that might arouse one’s passion due to its exceptional ability to resolve the abovementioned issues. No wonder Anurag desires to feel its effects if Testnet proves successful.

The main launch for the public will be done soon, and Anurag could himself be the one to break the news yet again.

Avail is important, just like any other modular blockchain, because it can provide a lot of scalability. Therefore, it has been called the next step. Its mechanism is simple, and a clear distinction is marked within the critical functions of the blockchains that fall under the umbrella of being traditionally in existence. The goal is to achieve maximum efficiency and make it a life-changing technology for everyone in the community.

Since blockchain seeks to make life easier for developers, implementing it shouldn’t be a challenge. There are, however, challenges that must be overcome. A big part of this entails validator creation and transaction optimization.

Avail takes care of both aspects. It leverages validity proof to simplify the transaction process by only putting up the available data for verification.

Solutions that get taken care of through the capabilities of Avail are Sovereign, Sovereign Rollups, a secure data ordering and availability API that facilitates the construction of something new, and validiums and optimistic chains.

Developers willing to drive change within the community, disrupt the status quo, and bring new opportunities to the ecosystem can surely give Avail a shot.

Their dedication to enable developers to perform all of this is quite great, especially considering that they will be able to utilize the security, scalability, and adaptability of computing infrastructure. Avail is now under Testnet, but the launch plan suggests that the ultimate objective is to remain open source and transfer governance responsibilities to the community.

Anurag Arjun has thanked everyone at Polygon for their support and said he is proud to be a part of the team.The announcement has also clarified that information relating to the final launch will be shared as soon as possible.

Some have responded to the announcement by suggesting rebranding Avail, while others have welcomed the news with congratulatory notes.

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