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Amazon Web Services to host Avalanche’s infrastructure

Avalanche has announced its partnership with Amazon Web Services on Twitter. According to the announcement, Amazon Web Services now supports the infrastructure of Avalanche along with the ecosystem of decentralized applications. Another feature that is now supported by Web Services is one-click node deployment which offers the best tools for high compliance use cases.

The partnership between Avalanche and Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS, will enable them to bring scalable blockchain solutions to government institutions and enterprises.

A major benefit that Avalanche gets through its association with Amazon Web Services is the easy establishment of nodes and convenient distribution of nodes across different regions. The purpose is to enhance the decentralization and security of Subnets with the Avalanche network.

The community will see more updates in the coming days. One plan that has been highlighted by Avalanche in its announcement on Twitter clarifies that it will soon add Subnet deployment to allow everyone – individuals & institutions – to launch custom Subnets with a few clicks. Subnet deployed will be done as a managed service to the AWS Marketplace.

Developers will now be on the advantage side as well. They will have the freedom to access Amazon Web Services to deploy offerings that are scalable, compliant, and fault-tolerant. What makes this better for developers is the fact that it comes with a reduction in compliance expenses and time.

While some followers on Twitter have called this brilliant news, others have sought clarification if it is really a partnership or if AWS is merely hosting the nodes as it does for other blockchains. Etherean Maximum, one of the followers on Twitter, has said that it seems that Avalanche is playing with words to make it seem like a ‘partnership.’

Avalanche has not yet replied to this comment, but some members surely have their notifications turned on for the update. There is, however, a statement by Howard Wright, the VP & Global Head of Startups at AWS, saying that AWS is thrilled to add an innovator like Ava Labs to the partner network.

Meanwhile, Avalanche has also published a blog post to share the news that it is now a member of the AWS Partner Network, a network that actually helps Avalanche to assist its developers in deploying custom offerings on Amazon Web Services. Emin Gun Sirer, the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Ava Labs, has issued a statement in this regard, saying that they are proud to have implemented a protocol that has the ability to accommodate several participants with near-instant finality. Emin has also expressed hopes of accelerating the positive impact of Avalanche by working with Amazon.

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