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zkLink launches the first ever Alpha Mainnet Playground

After working for several months on development, zkLink recently announced the launch of the most-awaited zkLink Alpha Mainnet. 

zkLink Alpha Mainnet is one of the most crucial chapters in the book of decentralized finance (DeFi) because, for the very first time, the cryptocurrency community will get to enter the environment of zkLink multi-rollup Layer 3. 

The launch will include notable partnerships with Polygon zkEVM, Scroll, Linea, and zkSync, each with their Layer 2 rollups successfully integrated into the zkLink Nexus Alpha Mainnet. 

This milestone will be celebrated with zkLink users by launching an interactive and engaging platform, zkLink Alpha Playground. This Playground will allow users to engage within the zkLink protocol and provide hands-on experience with the non-custodial layer 3 accounts on the zkLink platform. 

Users on zkLink will get an exclusive opportunity to interact and bridge funds within the diverse decentralized application (dApp) ecosystem and get a chance to witness and experience the potential of blockchain technology, shaping the future of DeFi and zkLink. 

To celebrate, zkLink will also host an event with the Galxe campaign, supported by Layer 2 zkLink-Rollup giants. Along with this, with the user’s favorite Layer 2 ZK Rollup, they also get to experience the Layer 3 environment on Nexus with bridgeless fees, cashless transactions, and aggregated assets. Users will be allowed to connect with the Alpha Mainnet Playground on zkLink from its Layer 2 Rollup partners on specific event dates. 

To participate in zkLink’s celebration, users need to: 

  • Follow the official zkLink Twitter account
  • Follow its partners Polygon zkEVM, Scroll, Linea, and zkSync on Twitter 
  • Make deposits from any one of the partner rollups to the zkLink Alpha Playground. 

Users completing each of these tasks can claim 30 points and 1 special OAT as a reward. 

The zkLink Alpha Mainnet Playground acts as a cost-saving bridge that facilitates the transfers of digital assets between the supported networks on zkLink by offering lower fees than other bridges. 

To start, users need to – 

  • Visit the zkLink Nexus Playground.
  • Connect their wallets and deposit digital assets by navigating to the Deposit page.
  • Activate the zkLink account with a signed message on the Withdrawal page. 
  • Choose a destination chain and the amount of assets to withdraw.
  • Sign the transaction. 

Users can bridge from layer 2 Rollups on the dates mentioned below:  

  • 26th Dec 6 pm SGT — 30th Dec 6 pm SGT (zkSync)
  • 28th Dec 6 pm SGT — 1st Jan 6 pm SGT (Scroll)
  • 4th Jan 6 pm SGT — 7th Jan 6 pm SGT (Linea)
  • 5th Jan 6 pm SGT — 8th Jan 6 pm SGT (Polygon zkEVM)

zkLink has a powerful community as it has successfully built a space where the voice of every user matters. The community members had earlier requested the completion of deposits from 5 ZK rollup partners that will allow every user an opportunity to accumulate a sum of 120 ZKP and 4 OATs, which can be used for rewards within the ecosystem in the future. Users can be a part of this rewarding and exciting phase and move closer to the most decentralized future. 

To begin this exciting adventure, visit the Galxe official page, deposit a sum on the Nexus Playground, and be an early adopter of the Layer 3 revolution. zkLink is creating the world‘s first multi-rollup Layer 3 to address liquidity fragmentation on ETH Layer 3 rollups. 

Layer 3 provides developers with the best offers at lower costs, thereby making difficult deployments of multi-chain dApps as simple as APIs. Overall, ZK-powered zkLink technology provides developers with high customizability, limitless liquidity, and robust security.

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