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WordProof delivers the WordProof Timestamp for Spotify

WordProof, which is an absolutely top provider making use of the EOS blockchain for carrying out timestamping solutions, takes great pleasure in declaring the deliverance of WordProof Timestamp for Spotify. This is the latest plugin for the benefit of e-commerce websites that utilize Shopify in the form of its Content Management System (CMS). At the present moment in time, 5.6% of every website that has been created with CMS is engaged in utilizing it. Having the aid of plugins for WordPress, as well as Drupal and Shopify, 48% of websites will currently be in the position of being able to establish WordPress in almost no time at all.

WordProof Timestamp provides the option for Shopify website owners to be able to timestamp their online content with absolute ease, in turn making improvements on trust factors, as well as bringing about clarity and safety related to businesses, as well as consumers. They are able to timestamp data onto their markup, which helps in ascertaining the fact that their content is real and tamper-proof. Overall, with the incorporation of WordProof’s timestamp technology inside of the Shopify ecosystem, website owners will be in a position to prove their dependability factor to their consumers.

The ultimate aim and intention of WordProof are to transform the internet into becoming more dependable and safe, with the use of the sheer strength of blockchain technology. The deliverance of WordProof Timestamp for Spotify is indeed a landmark, as it brings the entity just that much closer to its goal.

Where WordProof is concerned, it is an organization that is actively engaged in blockchain-oriented timestamping solutions which provide the opportunity for companies, as well as individuals, to be capable of securing their online content and data. All of their activities are targeted towards the aspects of dependability, as well as clarity and safety issues, in terms of the internet.

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